Snow Tyre


● Four longitudinal grooves improve drainage performance and grip capacity on snow

● Asymmetric tread design improves cornering maneuverability

● 3D sheet steel design provides excellent ground grasping capacity on ice and snow

● High density and uniform distribution of solica of Nano technology provides silent ride with best ride quality

● 3D knife slot pattern similar like nail on ice and snow road

● Wide double groove avoid sideslip

Technical parameters

SizeLoad & Speed IndexRimTread Depth (mm)Section Width (mm)Overall Diameter (mm) Max Load (kg)Pressure (kpa)UTQGNoiseRRCWet
13 inch
155/65R1373 Q4.50B6.6157532365300420 AA70EC
155/70R1375 Q4.50B7.5157548387300420 AA70EC
155/80R1379 Q4.50B7.5157578437300420 AA70EC
165/65R13 77 Q5.00B7.5170544412300420 AA70EC
165/70R1379 Q5.00B7.5170562437300420 AA70EC
165/80R1383 Q4.50B7.5165594487300420 AA70EC
175/70R1382 Q5.00B7.5177576475300420  AA70EC
185/70R1386 Q5.50B7.5189590530300420  AA70CC
14 inch
155/55R1469 Q5.0J7.5162526325300420 AA70EC
165/55R1472 Q5.0J7.5170538355300420 AA70EC
165/60R1475 Q5.0J7.5170554387300420 AA70EC
165/65R1479 Q5.0J7.5170570437300420 AA70EC
165/70R1481 Q5.0J7.5170588462300420 AA70EC
175/65R1482 Q5.0J7.5177584475300420 AA70EC
175/70R1484 Q5.0J7.5177602500300420 AA70EC
185/60R1482 Q5.5J7.5189578475300420 AA70CC
185/65R1486 Q5.5J7.5189596530300420 AA70CC
185/70R1488 Q5.5J7.5189616560300420 AA70CC
195/60R1486 Q6.0J7.5201590530300420 AA71CC
195/70R1491 Q6.0J7.5201630615300420 AA71CC
205/60R1488 Q6.0J7.9209602560300420 AA71CC
205/70R1498 Q6.0J7.9209644750340420 AA72CC
15 inch
165/50R1573 T5.0J7.5170547365300420 AA70EC
165/55R1575 T5.0J7.5170563387300420 AA70EC
175/65R1584 T5.0J7.5177609500300420 AA70EC
185/55R1582 T6.0J7.7194585475300420 AA70CC
185/60R1584 T5.5J7.5189603500300420  AA70CC
185/65R1588 T5.5J7.5189621560300420  AA70CC
195/50R1582 T6.0J7.9201577475300420  AA71CC
195/55R1585 T6.0J7.7201595515300420 AA71CC
195/60R1588 T6.0J7.5201615560300420  AA71CC
195/65R1591 T6.0J7.9201635615300420  AA71CC
205/60R1591 T6.0J7.9209627615300420  AA71CC
205/65R1594 T6.0J7.9209647670300420  AA71CC
205/70R1596 T6.0J7.7209669710300420  AA71CC
215/60R1594 T6.5J7.9221639670300420  AA71CC
215/65R1596 T6.5J7.9221661710300420  AA71CC
215/65R15100 T6.5J7.9221661800340420  AA72CC
215/70R1598 T6.5J7.7221683750300420  AA71CC
16 inch
195/45R1684 H6.5J7.9195582500340420  AA71CC
195/55R1687 H6.0J7.9201620545300420  AA71CC
205/50R1687 H6.5J7.9214612545300420  AA71CC
205/55R1691 H6.5J7.9214632615300420  AA71CC
205/55R1694 H6.5J7.9214632670340420  AA72CC
205/60R1692 T6.0J7.9209652630300420  AA71CC
205/65R1695 T6.0J7.9209672690300420  AA71CC
215/55R1693 H7.0J7.9226642650300420  AA71CC
215/55R1697 H7.0J7.9226642730340420  AA72CC
215/60R1699 T6.5J7.9221664775340420  AA72CC
225/55R1699 H7.0J7.9233654775340420  AA72CC
225/60R1698 H6.5J7.9228676750300420  AA71CC
17 inch
215/65R1798 H6.5J7.9221712750350420  AA71CC
215/45R1791 H/V7.0J7.9213626615340420  AA71CC
235/60R17102 H7.0J7.9240714850350420  AA71CC

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