SUV/4X4 Tyre


● Strong carcass and convex sidewall design ensures superior wear resistance

● Wide open shoulder design provides superior lateral rigidity, traction and braking capacity

● Four curved grooves increase grip and self-cleaning capacity on irregular road conditions such as mud and gravel

● Zigzag sheet steel provides excellent ground grasping and driving comfort

Technical parameters

SizeLoad & Speed IndexRimTread Depth (mm)Section Width (mm)Overall Diameter (mm) Max Load (kg)Pressure (kpa)UTQGNoiseRRCWet
15 inch
LT235/75R15104/101 R6.5J11.5 235733900/825350480AA70CE
31*10.50R15LT109 R8.5J12.0 2687751030350480AA70CC
16 inch
LT215/85R16115/112 R6.0J11.0 2167721215/1120550480AA70CC
LT225/75R16115/112 R6.0J11.0 2237441215/1120550480AA71CC
LT235/85R16120/116 R6.5J12.0 2358061380/1260550480AA71CC
LT245/75R16120/116 R7.0J12.0 2487741380/1260550480AA71CC
LT265/75R16123/120 R7.5J12.0 2678041550/1400550480AA71CC
LT285/75R16122/119 R8.0J12.0 2868341500/1360450480AA71CC
LT305/70R16124/121 R9.0J12.0 3118341450/1600450480AA71CC
LT315/75R16121/118 R8.5J12.0 3138781320/1450350480AA71CC
17 inch
LT235/80R17120/117 R6.5J12.0 2358081285/1400550480AA71CC
LT245/75R17121/118 R7.0J12.0 2488001320/1450550480AA71CC
LT265/70R17121/118 R8.0J12.0 2728041320/1450550480AA71CC
LT285/70R17121/118 R8.5J12.0 2928321320/1450550480AA71CC
LT315/70R17121/118 R9.5J12.0 3238741320/1450450480AA71CC
18 inch
LT265/70R18124/121 R8.0J12.0 2728291450/1600550480AA71CC
LT275/70R18125/122 R8.0J12.0 2798431500/1650550480AA71CC
LT275/65R18123/120 R8.0J12.0 2798151400/1550550480AA71CC

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