Car Tyre


● Unique carbon polymer composite improve efficiently ground grasping capability and lowers rolling resistance

● Asymmetric tread design with internal tiny pattern for better ground grasping and external big block for maximizing ground contacting area

● Special tread design brings greater lateral rigidity and longitudinal flexibility

● Achieve optimum balance of control, low noise and comfortable by optimize distribute of pattern blocks and groove

● Long mileage and driving comfort

Technical parameters

SizeLoad & Speed IndexRimTread Depth (mm)Section Width (mm)Overall Diameter (mm) Max Load (kg)Pressure (kpa)UTQGNoiseRRCWet
16 inch
185/50R1681 V6.0 7.7194592462300480AA70 CC
195/45R1684 V/XL6.57.7195582500340480AA71 CC
205/45ZR1687 W/XL7.0 7.9206590545340480AA71 CC
225/50ZR1696 W/XL7.0 7.9233632710340480AA71 CC
17 inch
205/40ZR1784 W/XL7.57.9212596500340480AA71 CC
205/45ZR1788 W/XL7.0 7.9206616560340480AA71 CC
205/50ZR1793 W/XL6.5 7.9214638650340480AA71 CC
205/55ZR1795 W/XL6.5 7.9214658690340480AA71 CC
215/40ZR1787 W/XL7.57.9218604545340480AA71 CC
215/45ZR1791 W/XL7.0J7.9213626615340480AA71 CC
215/50ZR1795 W/XL7.0 7.9226648690340480AA71 CC
215/55ZR1794/98 W/XL7.0 7.9226668670/750300/340480AA71 CC
225/45ZR1794 W/XL7.5J7.9225634670340480AA71 CC
225/50ZR1798 W/XL7.0 7.9233658750340480AA71 CC
225/55ZR17101 W/XL7.0 7.9233680825340480AA71 CC
235/45ZR17 97 W/XL8.0J7.9236644730340480AA71 CC
235/55ZR17103 W/XL7.5 7.9245690875340480AA71 CC
245/40ZR1795 W/XL8.57.9248628690340480AA71 CC
245/45ZR1799 W/XL8.0 7.9243652775340480AA71 CC
18 inch
215/35ZR1884 W/XL7.5 7.9218607500340480AA71 CC
225/40ZR1888/92 W/XL8.0 7.9230637560/630300/340480AA71 CC
225/45ZR1895 W/XL7.5 7.9225659690340480AA71 CC
235/40ZR1895 W/XL8.5 7.9241645690340480AA71 CC
235/45ZR1894 W8.0J7.9236669670350480AA71 CC
235/50ZR1897 W7.5J7.9245693730350480AA71 CC
245/40ZR1897 W/XL8.5 7.9248653730340480AA71 CC
245/45ZR18100 W/XL8.0 7.9243677800340480AA71 CC
255/45ZR18103 W/XL8.5 7.9255687875340480AA72 CC
19 inch
225/35ZR1988 W/XL8.0 7.9230641560340480AA71 CC
235/35ZR1991 W/XL8.5 7.9241647615340480AA71 CC
245/35ZR1993 W/XL8.5 7.9248655650340480AA71 CC
265/30ZR1993 W/XL9.5 7.9271643650340480AA72 CC
275/30ZR1996 W/XL9.5 7.9278649710340480AA72 CC
20 inch
245/35ZR2095 W/XL8.5J7.9248680690340480AA72 CC
22 inch
295/25ZR2297 W/XL10.5 7.9301707730340480AA74 CC

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