City Bus /All Positions Triangle

● Stripped pattern design with low rolling resistance compound design, anc effectively reduce tire rolling resistance,tire is more cost-effective.

● Variable angle design of groove bottom will effectively prevent stone retention,improved servoce life.

● Closed tire shoulder design, to improves wear resistance and also provide even wear.

● Zigzag sipe design can effectively improves wet skid resistance and reduces tire noise.

Technical parameters

SizePRLoad IndexSpeed IndexStandard RimTread Depth (mm)Overall Diameter (mm)Section Width (mm)Max Load (kg)Pressure (kpa)
265/70R19.514137/134M7.50 14.0 8672622300/2120760
265/70R19.516140/138M7.50 14.0 8672622500/2360775
275/80R22.516149/146M8.25 14.0 10122763250/3000850
295/80R22.516152/148M9.00 16.0 10442983550/3150850
12R22.516150/147L9.00 16.0 10853003350/3075830
12R22.518152/149K9.00 16.0 10853003550/3250930
315/80R22.518154/151M9.00 16.0 10763123750/3450830
315/80R22.520157/154L9.00 16.0 10763124125/3750900

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