Snow Tyre


● Big tread blocks with reinforced ribs and narrow grooves to provide good cornering performance and soft tread for excellent grip performance on snow ground. 

● Straight tread block design, with deep and hollow narrow grooves, to guarantee grip performance

● Curved tread groove design, good traction on snow and muddy grounds, variable pitch design to reduce noise and provide better ride comfort

● Block design between tread centerline and shoulder, with special deep and hollow narrow grooves, improved cross-country performance and reduced tread block hard-ness in low temperature, good for winter use

Technical parameters

SizePRLoad IndexSpeed IndexStandard RimTread Depth (mm)Section Width (mm)Overall Diameter (mm)Max Load (kg)Pressure (kpa)
LT225/75R1610115/112Q6J11.7 2237441215/1120550
LT245/75R1610120/116Q7J11.7 2487741380/1260550
LT245/70R1710119/116Q7J11.7 2487761360/1250550
LT265/70R1710121/118Q8J11.7 2728041450/1320550
275/65R1810116Q8J11.7 2798151250350

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