LT/Van Tyre


● Standard commercial tire reinforcement designed to meet driver expectations for high durability and value-added products

● Deeper shoulder grooves provide the suitability for four seasons

● Continuous shoulder ribs provide uniform tread wear and extend the service life

● Sidewall super-heavy structure provides good handling strength and performance

Technical parameters

SizePRLoad IndexSpeed IndexStandard RimTread Depth (mm)Section Width (mm)Overall Diameter (mm)Max Load (kg)Pressure (kpa)
165R13C894/93Q4.50B7.5 165594670/650450
175/65R14C690/88T5J7.7 177584560/600375
195/65R15C698/96T6J9.2 201635710/750375
195/65R16C8104/102T6J9.2 201660850/900475
195/75R16C8107/105R5.5J9.2 196698775/850475
205/65R16C8107/105T6J9.2 209672975/925475
205/65R16C8107/105T6J9.2 209675925/975475
205/70R15C8106/104R6J10.9 209669950/900450
205/75R16C8110/108R5.5J9.7 2037141060/1000475
205R14C8109/107Q6J9.7 2086861030/975450
215/65R16C8109/107T6.5J9.2 2216861030/975475
215/70R15C8104/101R6.5J11.20 221683.0 900/825450
215/75R16C10116/114S6J10.2 2167281250/1180550
225/65R16C8112/110R6.5J9.7 2286981120/1060475
225/70R15C8112/110R/S6.5J10.7 2286971120/1060450
225/75R16C8116/114Q6J10.2 2237441180/1250475
LT245/75R1610120/116Q7J11.7 2487741400/1250550

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