SUV/4X4 Tyre


● Wide shoulder block, increased handling performance.

● Improved rib design in shoulder groove, good prevention for irregular wear and comfortable ride.

● Center rib pattern design, good steering precision and straight line driving.

● Small grooves and sipes design, improved shock-absorbing, good ride comfort and handling.

Technical parameters

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexStandard RimTread Depth (mm)Section Width (mm)Overall Diameter (mm)Max Load (kg)Pressure (kpa)
225/70R15108T/S7.5J8.7 2607391000350
235/70R15107H7J8.7 240711975340
235/75R15105H6.5J8.7 235733925350
215/65R1698/102T6.5J8.2 221686750/850350/340
215/70R16100/104T6.5J8.7 221708800/900350/340
235/60R16100T7J8.7 240688800350
235/70R16106T7J8.7 240736950350
245/70R16107T7J8.7 248750975350
245/75R16111H7J8.7 2487741090350
255/70R16111T7.5J8.7 2607641090350
215/60R1796H6.5J8.2 221690710350
225/60R1799H6.5J8.7 228702775350
225/65R17102T6.5J8.7 228724850350
235/55R1799/103H7.5J8.2 245690775/875350/340
235/65R17102H7J8.2 240714850350
235/65R17104T7J8.7 240738900350
245/65R17107/111T7J9.7 248750975/1090350/340
225/60R18100V6.5J8.2 228727800350
235/55R18100V7.5J8.2 245715800350
235/60R18103V7J8.2 240739875350
255/55R18105/109H/V8J8.2 265737925/1030350/340
285/60R18116H8.5J9.2 2927991250350

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