Mix Road



● Resistance to irregular wear

● High level of traction for on and off road

● Wider and deeper tread with special rubber compound extends tire life

● Suitable for drive and trailer wheels

Technical parameters

SizePRLoad IndexSpeed IndexStandard RimTread Depth (mm)Overall Diameter (mm)Section Width (mm)Max Load (kg)Pressure (kpa)
7.00R16LT14118/114K5.50F15.0 7802021320/1180770
7.50R16LT14122/118K6.00G15.0 8062201500/1320770
7.50R16LT16124/120K6.00G15.0 8062201600/1400870
8.25R16LT16128/124K6.5H15.5 8602331800/1600770
8.25R2016139/137K6.516.5 9702332430/2300930
9.00R2016144/142K7.0 18.5 10262602800/2650900
10.00R2018149/146K7.519.5 10552783250/3000930
11.00R2018152/149K8.0 20.5 10952903550/3250930
1200R2018154/151K8.521.5 11303123750/3450830

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